Woodland of my own...

February 14, 2021

This year I have achieved a long term dream of mine in the fact that I now have a small piece of woodland of my own.

Located in the centre of Northumberland it is only half and hour away from my workshop. It has a good mix of trees with birch, ash, alder, oak and willow along with some holly, hazel and larch.

A small meandering stream runs through the centre of the wood meaning the area is full of wildlife with roe deer, foxes and badgers all resident in the vicinity. Nuthatch, treecreepers and green woodpeckers (among many others) frequent the canopy along with red kites, kestrels and sparrowhawks from time to time. It's a fantastic place full of wildlife and biodiversity.

Woodland management has long been of great interest to me + learning more about trees and wood [before I usually get my hands on it!] is an exciting prospect! I intend to coppice some of the trees so i can use some of the wood and turn it into furniture and products and work with it in the workshop.

I have lots of plans for the future + will certainly be spending more time up there!