TREES Newcastle

May 15, 2019

tree illustration

This summer Newcastle City Council are undertaking a study to evaluate the benefits of its Urban Forest and they have asked me to help out...

Many appreciate the City’s’ trees for their amenity, aesthetic contribution and wildlife value in the urban landscape and are also increasingly aware of the health and well-being benefits associated with being in close proximity to trees. However, society is often less aware of the many other benefits that they provide to our residents.

Trees, (alongside woodlands, shrubs, hedges, open grass, green-space and wetland), improve our air, protect watercourses, save energy, and improve economic sustainability.

This study project aims to provide a valuation of these benefits and with myth love of trees and all things wood related I jumped at the chance to get involved. [any excuse to be outside on a sunny day looking at trees and playing with rulers!]

There is a whole team of us [as there are around 200,000 trees!] we have to measure EACH tree and identify the species, hug the tree [measure its trunk diameter] calculate the height, spread and condition of the crown and best of all I get to use a clinometer! we also have to survey the ground conditions and identify how much land there is available to plant more trees!