I'm exhibiting at the British Craft Pavilion

August 01, 2023

I am thrilled to share with you the exciting news that I will be exhibiting my furniture at the prestigious British Craft Pavilion during the upcoming London Design Fair in September. This is a remarkable opportunity for me to showcase my passion for craftsmanship and design to a wider audience. 

I will be showing a beautiful oak drinks cabinet, as well as some of my all-time favourite designs, including oak stools, benches and a Danish cord bench.

The British Craft Pavilion is renowned for its celebration of exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design and I am honoured to have been asked to exhibit. It serves as a platform for skilled designers and makers from various disciplines to display their finest works to an international audience.

One of the centerpieces of my exhibition will be an exquisite oak drinks cabinet. Meticulously crafted, this cabinet combines elegant aesthetics with functionality, making it a true statement piece for any discerning connoisseur. The rich tones of the oak, beautifully fluted doors expertly worked into a contemporary design, creating a sense of timeless sophistication [I hope!]. The cabinet boasts ample storage space for your finest bottles of gin, glassware, and other bar essentials. I have partenered up with my friends at Hepple Gin to truly show off this cabinet. Made in Northumberland Hepple really is the best gin around! 

In addition to the drinks cabinet, I will be showcasing some of my all-time favorite designs. Among these, you will find a selection of stools, each carefully handcrafted using only the finest oak to ensure both durability and aesthetic appeal. These stools timeless style make them versatile additions to any living space.

Another gem and firm favourite in the collection is the Danish cord bench. This design pays homage to the iconic Danish mid-century style, combining the warmth of solid wood with the comfort of woven cord. Its minimalist yet captivating design will hopefully captivate the visitors and showcase the classic allure of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

Every piece in my collection is a labor of love, stemming from my deep-rooted passion for furniture design and making + I believe it has to be seen to be really truly appreciated - hopefully showing my work at the exhibition in London will give customers, both new and old, a chance to experience and ‘try before you by’ To celebrate this I will be giving out free gin and tonics to my most loyal followers. To quality and prove you really are a supporter - if you come and say the codeword ‘juniper’ to me you will receive your free G&T [made with Hepple gin of course !]

As September draws nearer, my excitement grows, knowing that I will be part of the British Craft Pavilion at the London Design Fair. This exhibition presents a fantastic chance for me to share my passion for furniture design and craftsmanship with a broader audience. I am eager to showcase the beautiful oak drinks cabinet alongside my favorite designs of stools and the Danish cord bench. I hope you’ll join me in this exciting journey as I take my love for furniture design to new heights at the London Design Fair. See you there + G&T’s are on me!